Welcome to the new generation of wholesale

Orderchamp is reimagining wholesale by bringing independent retailers and brands together in a digital marketplace to provide unique merchandise for every store. We're looking for talented people to join our ambitious team and help us fulfil our mission.

Our brands

The office

@Leidseplein and in the beautiful center of Amsterdam 

About us

The retail landscape is rapidly changing. We believe that independent stores can differentiate themselves from the masses by creating a curated product offering. Reinforced by the ‘maker revolution’, there are more brands than ever before. However, there remains many inefficiencies with the current wholesale model, making it difficult for brands to find the right sales channels, and for retailers to discover unique products. We want to enable creators and shop owners from around the world to come together and build upon one another's success.

We make wholesale better. On a daily basis, we find unique brands and use machine learning to connect them with the right retailers. We take the guesswork out of the equation by unlocking the power of data for all. Leveraging our social platform to create interactions between both parties, our mission translates two-fold: 1) retailers can easily discover and purchase distinctive and high quality products in smaller quantities and; 2) brands can quickly do business with new buyers in new regions. With our vision to provide unique merchandise for every store, we seek to help both retailers and brands grow their business.

Entrepreneurship and commerce is in our DNA; that is why we set out to build this product for our customers. Many of our team members were responsible for the success of SaaS ecommerce platform, SEOshop, which was acquired by Lightspeed before recently going public (TSX:LSPD). Orderchamp is based on the newest technology, is funded by top-tier investors, delivers on an ambitious roadmap, and is supported by a talented team.

Our Values

Our culture is set by our team-members.
We believe in 8 values that guide us every day.

  1. Collaboration
    We work together. Share information. Assist others. And are helpful in need.
  2. Diversity
    We respect dissimilar cultures. Accept a different opinion. We are open-minded.
  3. Excellence
    We have a will to win. We strive for quality. We wake-up and go to bed with it.
  4. Innovative
    We thrive on change. We challenge the existing. We conceptualize new ideas.
  5. Integrity
    We are honest and non-political. We admit mistakes. We are transparant.
  6. Ownership
    We make an impact with dedication. We have passion. We are committed.
  7. Trust
    We believe in each other and in ourselves. We give freedom and responsibility.
  8. Fun
    We love hard work, but fun is part of the game. We party together and can appreciate a joke.

Our Team

Ambitious, energetic, fun, hands-on and working with a start-up mindset. Building a company bigger and better than yesterday.

Joekenel van der Pijl

Retail Sales Buyer Assistant

Sanne Hordijk

Customer Success Manager

Joost Brugmans


Wesley Groenendijk

Head of Sales

Tommy van der Ree

Brand Partnerships Manager

Michael Westerweel

Brand Partnerships Manager 

Charlotte Alzuro Lopez

Brand Partnership Manager

Mechteld Snouckaert van Schauburg

Content Specialist

Max Verduyn 


Danny de Kruijk

Marketing Automation Specialist

Eliane Donkers

Sales Intern

Menno Wolvers

Head of Development

Cléa Neumann

Marketing Specialist FR

Sander Kusters

Business Analyst

Kasper van Dijk

Content Moderator Intern

Arriën van den Berg

Strategic Brand Partnership Manager (Europe)

Tim Wouters

Backend Developer

Sander de Vos

Backend Developer

Sebastiaan Smits

Head of Marketing

Chipui Cheung

Technical Brand Support

Valentine de Geer

Brand Partnerships Manager

Kjell Bronkhorst

Product Designer

Nander Stabel

Data Science Intern

Arquin van Nieuwkerk

Design Intern

Sander Stricker

Product Manager

Senna Karim

Marketing Assistant

Ingmar Bunschoten

Head of People

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